About Us

The Laboratory is where a part of Hollywood Smile Studio’s magic happens. Combining a team of well-known experts in the fields of digital & conventional dentistry with the highest standards, qualities & techniques to produce a masterpiece that combines art with science and skill. Hollywood Smile’s Dental Laboratory is ready to help you in all your needs for restoration. We are always proud to provide high-quality goods, customer support and specialize in complicated and comprehensive cases. The cutting-edge technology and quality materials are used by our experienced technicians in order to bring a beautiful smile into the patient’s life. Our dental laboratory has a variety of advanced equipment to create everything from veneers and crowns to bridges and splints, etc. Whether you are looking for dental implants or CAD designs for your dental work, we are the right choice for you in Kurdistan. smiles on most of our challenging patients. By using the most advanced technologies, we provide our patients high quality dental restorations

Hollywood Smile Services

Dental Veneers
Crown & Bridges
Full Arches
Temporary Restoration
Acrylic Dentures
Inlay Onlay Overlay
Dental Wax-up
Surgical Guides
Prosthetically Articulation

Our Team

Dr. Khider Mustafa